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2014年1月20日 星期一

[note] Dual boot on Lenovo T420s

This is just a note on what I've tried and worked.

Operating System: Win 7 X64 Professional (pre-installed), wanted to install Linux Mint 16 Cinnamon x64

I followed the installation guide here:

hence I didn't choose "alongside Windows 7" option during installation,
after installation it seemed didn't install grub2 at all, so I can only boot to Windows.

Then I used live-CD (actually live-usb) to boot to Linux Mint again, I followed this guide to re-install grub2

It worked, but then the computer only boots to Linux Mint, can't go to Windows anymore.

I guess at this point you can just edit grub2 config if you know how to do it, but I don't,
so I grab a tool called "Grub Customizer":

it's a GUI tool to configure grub2.

Unfortunately, it cannot be found under package manager or synaptic, so you have to compile it (just follow the README)

After that I executed it, and turn on "show menu" option under "General setting" tab, click save, problem solved.

Next time: try just use Grub Customizer, or even better, use a VM inside Linux for Windows 7 (If I have another product-key available....)